Council and governance

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Affirm United/ S’affirmer Ensemble (AU/SE) relies on a volunteer Council that meets twice a year face to face and by conference call every two months or so. Members are drawn from all over the country and together represent a wide range of gifts, skills, and experiences. They oversee the overall direction and strategic planning for the organization.

Our annual reports offer a great overview of our work, and the work of hundreds of Affirming ministries and ministries in process. Once a year AU/SE gathers the whole community at its annual conference, to which everyone of good will is welcome, no matter your identities. The Conference includes our annual general meeting. We’re a membership-based registered charity, and all members are welcome to vote at our AGM. Your membership as an individual or ministry keeps our movement strong and diverse; please consider joining us.

Some of our 2017 Council, Affirming ministry coordinators, and staff at SpiritPride and the AUSE annual conference, Vancouver, July 2017. Many thanks to members who finished their terms: Judy Amsbury, Jen Carter-Morgan, Warren McDougall, and Collin Smith.

If you’re really interested in us, check out our bylaws. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Council co-chairs. (Note that inquiries and updates related to the Affirming ministry process should be sent here.)

Your 2017-18 Council:

Executive (as of July 2017)
Co-chair:  Michiko Bown-Kai
Secretary: Cindy Bourgeois
Treasurer:  Anne Wood

Members-at-Large (as of June 2017)
David Cathcart

Michelle Henry

Jenni Leslie
Chris Mann

Mynt Marsellus
Serena Patterson
Katie Vardy

Ex oficio: John Calhoun, Membership Coordinator.

Julie Graham (Affirm United/ S’affirmer Ensemble, Communications Coordinator)
Aaron Miechkota (Living Apology project)
General Council liaison staff: Jordan Sullivan.